Business in Hong Kong: Ideal location for Asian headquarter

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Why Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a leading business centre in Asia, a dynamic city with strong growth prospects; it is a gateway to opportunities in Mainland China; and it is a regional base for expansion across Asia.



Geostrategic Position
Many potential business markets are located close to Hong Kong:

  • Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei, Manila, Kuala Lumpur and Perth are in the same time zone as Hong Kong
  • Bangkok, Jakarta, Seoul and Tokyo are within one hour’s difference
  • Asia’s key markets are less than four hours flight away
  • Half the world’s population is within five hours’ flight time
Hong Kong is also seen as the gateway to Mainland China. Market leaders are setting up their Asia Pacific headquarters in order to control their business activities in Asia as well as having direct access to the world’s biggest manufacturing region. Additionally Hong Kong is the ideal location for launching brands in the retail market before seriously entering Mainland China.
Low Tax Structure
Hong Kong is one of the world’s most tax-friendly economies.

  • Profits tax at 16.5 %
  • Salaries tax is a maximum of 15 %
  • Property tax is 15 %
  • No sales tax or VAT
  • No withholding tax
  • No capital gains tax
  • No tax on dividends
  • No estate tax
Beside the low taxes Hong Kong is also known as a free trade port. Companies don’t have to pay import duties on most of the products. Supporting companies to import goods easily and retail them directly in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong is a business friendly city which ensures rule of law, is politically stable, is based on the free market principle and uses English as business language.

  • One of the world’s most open, and corruption-free economies
  • Independent legal systems and the rule of law
  • Free flow of information
  • Hong Kong has the highest level of globalisation
  • Freest Economy in the world 
Top Business Infrastructure
Hong Kong is famous for its business infrastructure:

  • Efficient local and regional transport
  • World-class telecommunications and connectivity
  • World-leading sea and air cargo system
Hong Kong’s cargo hub is one of the world’s busiest and accounting for almost a third of exports in and out of Mainland China.
Local Talents & Easy Immigration
Hong Kong is the home of top business school in Asia generating a pool of multilingual staff. Additionally business-friendly immigration policies are made to attract skilled professionals from overseas.
Government Support
Hong Kong’s government supports companies to set up and expand their business in Hong Kong.
    • Incubator programmes
    • Financial support for Marketing activities
    • Financial support for equipment
    • Financial support for technology and innovations