Hong Kong & China: Growing your business in a quickly changing market place

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SMATRA is an independent strategic trade & consulting firm with expertise in Hong Kong & China for more than a decade. Partners with different professional backgrounds in accounting, trade and consulting combine their knowledge for client’s specific needs.

SMATRA’s experts advise decision makers when it comes to company formation, accounting as well as a strategic realignment of supply & distribution management in Hong Kong and China. Due to an internationally experienced team, SMATRA is familiar in dealing with Western or Chinese business culture and an established professional business network in Germany, Hong Kong and China strongly supports the execution of international projects.

“Consistently and with unreserved dedication SMATRA’s team is never satisfied until clients can receive the “perfect fit” solution that really works for their business.” Results are never being achieved by advising but by actually working with the client together and get the job done.

With the headquarter located in the district Wanchai in Hong Kong, SMATRA’s office is in walking distance to business-relevant government departments such as Inland Revenue Department, Immigration Department and the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. 

Meaning of SMATRA

The name SMATRA should describe exactly what the business is about. Firstly the following abbreviations are a part of the meaning of SMATRA.

  • SMA – Systematic Management Asia (Management), Separately Managed Account (Accounting)
  • TRA – Trade (International Business)

Secondly, the name should combine consulting (smart solutions) and international trade in one word. SMATRA was overall the best match as it is fairly short and explains the meaning of the business accurate to the point.