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A strong company culture is based on clear values which create the environment for simply making a difference and achieving outstanding results for our clients.



Whatever we do at SMATRA Group our clients come always first. We work for our customers in order to give them the competitive advantage that they need to grow their business. Any other result is not acceptable to us.


Having time for family is essential for a healthy lifestyle and for a better performance. If you enjoy what you do then it is not a job. It is your passion that drives you to the next level and makes you believe in what you do. At SMATRA Group we only work look for people who truly believe in our business and share our values.


It is important to keep improving but new ideas or innovations don’t happen if the working environment which is strict and based on a rusty, old system. At SMATRA Group we embrace flexibility, “Out of the Box Thinking” and being creative. Colleagues and partners should be motivated by achieving goals that drive them because they have the passion for them. This is the only way to success in any business and truly makes a difference for our clients.


At SMATRA Group we always do the right thing for our clients. Being honest is a very important basic element of our values. We work for our clients exclusively and do not seek to get information from our partners. We protect our clients and always consider each step to improve their business.


Understanding culture does make a significant difference in international business and it is a very important element of the strategic thinking of SMATRA Group.  Culture can define many aspects of business operations in international markets and to be aware these key elements can speed up the development of a new market entry and increase the ROI.