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Partnership for Business Services in Guangdong

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About two years ago SMATRA Group upgraded its sourcing activities by forming a partnership in Guangdong province, China. Now a further cooperation is being set up for growing the consulting as well as the distribution business of SMATRA Group in P.R. China. A branch office in the P.R. China is currently being evaluated for providing even better support to our business partners in the near future.

09. May 2015

A trading service partnership was formed on May 9th 2015 by SMATRA in Guangzhou in order to extend the trading service for international clients in Guangdong province. The cooperation will instantly strengthen the efficiency of operations between manufacturers in Guangdong province and business partners. Further the feasibility of setting up an office in Guangzhou, China will be studied and tested during the cooperation.

Although the economy of China is currently slowing down there are further possibilities for increasing the business services in China. Companies in China keep investing in automatisation of their production lines as well as design for staying internationally competitive. Additionally, M&A activities of Chinese companies are constantly increasing. In 2014 FDI of Chinese companies in Germany increased by 37% and SMATRA supported various projects.