Market Entry Consulting: New Markets or Business segments

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Market Entry Consulting for making a change possible

Besides supporting your business set up SMATRA offers a comprehensive market entry consulting service to ensure your success and growth in the local market. After years of experience in building companies starting from: writing a business plan for entrepreneurs, outsourcing services or even merging companies, the international network of SMATRA can provide strong professional support for your business:

Expanding a business to new markets or segments requires a redefinition of competitors, targets in specific markets as well as an adaptation of the product portfolio and services. SMATRA assists the management of companies by successfully defining these strategies to ensure the growth in the new business environment. Read more about this consulting service
If a company operates on a low-cost structure and has no further ways to reduce the overall costs of the business then Marketing becomes the center of attention. Successful companies align their sales activities with the brand strategies which results in faster revenue growth and creates a competitive advantage.  Read more about this consulting service
For growing the business efficiently operational excellence is a priority. A broad spectrum of functions and processes, including sourcing & manufacturing, purchasing & supplies, logistics and service operations, of every industry. Globalisation, new business boundaries and service processes created by technologies produce great challenges to operations, not only in driving the productivity improvement and efficiency savings but also in providing a new avenue for building competitive advantages and servicing customers. Read more about this consulting service

As consultants, SMATRA can support the change within your company as an external change force which is often more difficult when being handled by employees within the organization. After internationalizing companies for over 10 years we know how to overcome difficulties, training the staff within your company and bringing in a fresh perspective.

SMATRA has been connecting Chinese businesses with international markets for several years already. We provide consulting services in a wide range of areas which include Business Development, Market Entry Strategy as well as Sourcing. Chinese companies are consistently exceeding expectations for growth and China has become a market leader across many sectors.

Especially in consumer goods is a sector in which SMATRA excels. In addition, SMATRA offers International Business seminars, which introduce the background of international companies, key cultural concepts in business and analyze successful case study models for international market expansion. SMATRA’s expertise in international business and tailored approach to advising clients has resulted in a tangible record of success.