Strategy: Setting a focus in your business

Strategy as a guideline to success
Every company faces the situation where it needs to change but positions within the business are generally organised for executing the daily operations. Investigating problems, formulate options for a way forward as well as predicting the outcome of certain scenarios are time consuming activities and interfere with daily operations.

There are many opinions in the market regarding taking a business to Hong Kong or China. At SMATRA we don’t believe in standardised package deals that would leave out essential elements of taking a company abroad. We do understand that each company is like and individual different and in need of a tailored solution that brings the expected success. Therefore a team of professional management consultants provide efficient support for clients that are in need of strategy consulting. In order to achieve best results a close cooperation with the client’s management is the key to success.


  • Strategy analysis including internal capabilities and external environment;
  • Strategy formulation;
  • Alignment of business strategies with organisational capabilities and processes;
  • Develop business unit strategy;
  • Growth strategy under different market conditions;
  • Strategic planning and creation of implementation roadmap;
  • Measurement of process & ongoing support to ensure success