Corporate Services: Administrative support for your business

At SMATRA an internationally experienced professional team supports clients with a well structured company set up as well as all related administration. Our experts ensure a smooth handling of your corporate administrative projects in a timely manner.


In order to register a company in Hong Kong or China a decision on the business structure must be made. Please note that the most appropriate business structure depends on key factors such as strategy, tax planning as well as financial aspects. SMATRA provides consulting for incorporating companies in Hong Kong and in China with a professional team.

  • Private Limited Company
  • Branch office of overseas company
  • Representative office
  • Partnerships/Sole Proprietorship
More information of the diverse business structures in China and Hong Kong can be read here.

As required by the Companies Ordinance, SMATRA can act as the client’s company secretary to handle a series of secretarial matters. The company secretary must be a person who resides in Hong Kong or a company incorporated in Hong Kong, if all the shareholders or directors are not Hong Kong residents.

  • Maintaining the company’s statutory records;
  • Maintaining the registered office;
  • Handle all formalities stipulated by Company Registry;
  • Organising the company’s board meetings and annual general meeting.
  • Taking a lead on governance