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SMATRA Group has over 10 years experience in private label development for retailers in Europe as well as Asia-Pacific region in the kitchenware industry.

Manufacturers often need to decide whether to develop their own brand or producing a private label product for a specific retailer.

In general, if the product is relatively easy to copy, then there is a high chance for private label alternatives to be available for a retailer to choose from. Even there is an easy product on the market then the cost of sourcing and/or production becomes the critical point. SMATRA Group has a substantial retail knowledge and many years of experience in kitchenware production, we can support manufacturers in this key area of designing a way towards success.

Innovative products or even complex products which are much harder to copy should not be used for private label business. The short-term revenue can look attractive, but we thinking through a long-term perspective can be the right thing to do.  We understand product line development and brand building in various markets and can tell the story from the end consumer’s perspective and help manufacturers understand better the retailer and customers’ needs.

  • Target market(s) analysis for the brand‘s product categories including private label sector within the category
  • Competition analysis
  • Brand quality and private label price positioning
  • Evaluation of current portfolio
  • New product development
  • Private label development (how you can still own the brand/products!)
  • A business plan for private label development
  • Cost of production analysis

This service can be of interest to both retail clients as well as manufactures. Feel free to contact us for additional information as we have various case studies available.

If you are a retailer and consider to expand your private label range then you should click on the below available retail concept(s).